A scarf, , is a bandana-like article of clothing which reminds us of our personal challenge, which is a promise to ourselves and to God to grow spiritually this next year.

Scarfers take their challenges in order according to different ages and maturity levels.

The Scarf program is an optional program that each participant decides whether they want to accept.  The decision to accept the challenge is solely up to the participant.  No one else will decide whether or not you have lived up to your Scarf challenge each year.  That is between yourself, your conscience, and God. The foundation of Scarf is Jesus’ message of love, acceptance, and service.

About the CSF Scarf Program
Scarf Symbol
(The Scarf Symbol)
The elements of the scarf symbol represent several things:
  • The circle represents God's embrace, which is never-ending, and Jesus' example of endless love for friends, family, and others not yet known around the world.
  • The four sides of the square represent the four parts of a well-balanced life: a strong and healthy body, a clean and focused mind, a good relationship with others, and a close relationship with God.
  • The triangle is the strongest geometric figure, and its three sides represent the Holy Trinity; The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.
  • The shield represents the protection of the weak and of that, which is right.
  • The cross lies at the center of the Scarf Symbol, as the message of Christ and his guidance toward a loving Christian way of life, should be at the center of our lives.
A Little More History: Camp St. Francis' Scarf Program carries on in the tradition of the YMCA's Ragger Program, as a model for spiritual development over the last 85 years. The shield was added when the Salvation Army developed this program for THEIR summer camp programs. The addition was kept as part of the tradition and its symbolic purpose as well.
Scarf Challenges in Asending Order
Age or Grade Requirment
Grey Scarf
To be a good citizen and helpful camper.
Under 12
Come to Camp
Grey Scard with Shields
Grey Shield
To be a good citizen, helpful camper, and a true friend.
Under 12
Holding Grey
Grey ShieldGrey Shield
To be a good citizen, helpful camper, a true friend and a good example to others.
Grey ShieldGrey ShieldGrey Shield
To be a good citizen, helpful camper, a true friend, a good example to others and accept some responsibility to be a leader.
Blue Scarf
Of loyalty to God, country, the community of nations, one's best self, and the scarf creed.
12+ or 7th Grade
Come to Camp
Green Scarf
Of the acceptance of a rededication to a Christian way of life.
13+ or 8th Grade
Holding Blue
Brown Scarf
For a balanced Christian way of life.
14+ or 9th Grade
Holding Blue
Gold Scarf
For a deeper understanding and concern for others.
15+ or 10th Grade
Holding Brown
Red Scarf
Toward sacrifice of time, talent, and personal will.
16+ or 11th Grade
Holding Brown
Purple Scarf
A dedication to high and noble living in Christian service.
18+ or 12th Grade
Holding Red
White Scarf
Dedication of your life to Christian service, especially in the area of youth service.
Holding Purple
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